written & illustrated by DystopianRoach, horsetails is a comic about horses doing things that horses do.

this comic contains sensitive and/or triggering topics and lots of swearing. viewer discretion is advised.


horsetails may contain topics, themes, and imagery that may upset, provoke, or trigger some audiences.

if you are sensitive to dark topics such as murder, suicide, drugs, abuse, or political themes, our comic may not be for you.


horsetails is a comic about horses doing horse things in a horse world.

horse things and miscellanious horse activities include playing, skipping, singing, sleeping,

thinking, contemplating suicide, having exestential crises, going to therapy,

smoking, drinking, cutting themselves just to see if they can feel it anymore...

killing eachother, mutilating eachother beyond recognition, and hiding bodies..

but of course, you didn't hear that from me.

what's that thing that PETA always says? "Horses are people too?" something like that.

horsetails is a comic about horses doing things in a horse world.

a normal, everyday horse world where everything is as it should be.

questions, comments, or concerns? contact roach on twitter or instagram.